Stolen election.

Like most of my country people I gave my vote for a democratic candidate. I am apolitical and normally I wouldn't go on election, but this guy won my respect when in year 2000, being prime minister he closed Chernobyl plant, later he was dismissed and went in opposition.

The other was pro-governmental candidate who had little support here, even with 800 million dollars invested in his election compaign he still had no chances to become our president.

I knew that according to results of an exit poll and first tour election our candidate should win so I went in bed with strong believe that my vote means something and makes a contribution in a future of our country.

In the morning we all learned that our election have been stolen. For a first time in life I went on election and my vote has been stolen. I took this as a personal insult, so I grabbed coat, camera and went on the street.

What I saw was a revolution.

Yes, real revolution when only acting power is a crowds.

Since the Soviet Union collapsed Ukraine became one of the most corruptive countries of the World. (only Guatemala and Sudan have been ahead of us) the difference between rich and poor was tremendous, our wages have been lowest and oligarch richest in a region. Life was good only for a president and bunch of his friends and relatives. Everything was hopeless like in a medieval Asia and my first discovery of that morning was that I live in Europe.

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